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Functional Web Design, Digital Strategy &
Online Solutions since 2008

Delivering Digital Solutions
Our clients choose us because we deliver for them. Strategically, functionally, creatively and commercially.

Our core brand value at Straight Up Marketing is about being open in everything we do. We believe that businesses thrive on information, in fact to most, this is mission critical.

At Straight Up Marketing we are 100% transparent. We tell it like it is so that you don't need to wade through layers of information just to find out if your marketing campaign is working or not.

There was a famous quote from John Wanamaker (a famous retail barron back in the 1800s and some say one of the original marketers) 'Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.' well at Straight Up Marketing we ensure that you have all the information you need. Our reporting shows you where traffic came from, what worked, what didn't and what can be improved on.

Straight Up Marketing also build websites that work. We deliver sites that function and provide you, the client a complete online solution for your business.

We help you dominate your business online. Is your current marketing company doing that?

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Digital Services
We are a full service digital agency. Our clients have access to a range of specialised services.

icon-1 SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as some may know it is a marketing solution that get's your website to the top of Search Engines like Google. What's that worth to your business? For a lot businesses this is critical. Want to know more about it?

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design. What is it? Have you got a website that looks great on a desktop computer but not so good on an iPad? Not to mention an iPhone? These days if you do, then you are behind the eight ball already. Want to know more?

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icon-3 Graphic Design

Need a professional looking logo? It's amazing how something so simple can really mean that much but think about it. When you look at a business card or a website, does is make a difference to you if the logo is cheesy or just too plain? Want to know more?

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icon-4 Business Cards

What's a first impression worth? For many, it's everything. If you can't leave a lasting, positive impression on someone when you meet them how much harder is it to win their trust and ultimately their business. Want to know more about it?

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icon-5 Marketing Brochures

Want to showcase your customer portfolio? Maybe you have a complex product set that cannot be explained on a simple business card. Whatever the reason, you may need a marketing brochure to explain your products and solutions to your clients.

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icon-6 Signage

Need signage for your business? Maybe you are moving in to new premises or you just want to give your business a more modern look? When a client drives up to your business what are their first thoughts? Want that first experience to be positive?

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We are based on the Southern Gold Coast

Our clients are all over Australia and New Zealand